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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Can Ajinkya Rahane be the next captain of Delhi Capitals?

image: DNA India

 Ajinkya Rahane, a 32-year-old Mumbai batsman with decent experience in captaincy can be the next best captain for Delhi Capitals for the upcoming Indian Premier League season.

 As the current captain, Shreyas Iyer is ruled out of the entire season due to his shoulder injury in the 1st ODI played against England in Pune.

Steve Smith can be the next good option for the captain of  Delhi Capitals, but I think the management might prefer an Indian player over an overseas player for the job. 

The management might consider Ravi Chandran Ashwin, Shikar Dhawan and Rishab Pant as their next options for the post.

R Ashwin has the experience and the talent to lead the team, he led the Punjab team for the year 2018 and 2019. In the last season, during an important match when Shreyas Iyer is injured, the captaincy weight is kept on Shikar Dhawan during death overs. He kept the team afloat till the last ball and took it to shore with a victory.

The star of the team is Rishab Pant and all eyes on him and his performance. If he was chosen, his performance might affect the matches and the team.

According to the recent poll conducted by the Times of India, 3916 votes are polled in favour of Ajinkya Rahane as the DC captain. The second most votes are polled in favour of Steve Smith at 2151. R Ashwin got 1893 votes and the Rishab Pant got 1073 votes and followed by Dhawan and Shaw at 686 and 358 votes.

In my opinion, I would choose Ajinkya Rahane, if I want an Indian player to lead the team. If not I would go for Steve Smith as he brings more energy and experience to the table compare to Ajinkya Rahane.

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